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When Quality Counts... Experience Matters!

Dental & Surgical Instrument Sharpening 

Mail-In & In-Clinic Sharpening Services

Because life's too short to use dull instruments!


Why Precision Instrument Sharpening?


Very dull or damaged instruments require

a professional sharpening machine as well

as an expert hand.

Our team members are Certified Veterinary Technicians

-Over 30 years veterinary experience and over 16 years dental  specialty experience each!

We know what instruments are supposed to look like 

-This gives us an advantage over others, we can make them like new!

We use a honing machine along with our experience

-We know how to recreate  the instrument’s original shape and edge, without taking off too much metal.

Convenient Service Options

  • We offer mail-in and in-clinic services.

  • Super fast turnaround time!  Usually 1-2 days!

  • We also supply FREE loaner instruments.

  • Money-back guarantee... we know you will love the results!


To Perform Dentistry or Surgery...

*You need to have the right instruments 
*You need to know how to use them, 
*You need to keep them sharp"

                -Curt Coffman, DVM, FAVD, DAVDC 

Why is it important to have sharp instruments?

☑︎ Improved Efficiency: Sharp instruments cut more effectively, which leads to easier and faster procedures.

☑︎ Minimized Trauma: Dull instruments can cause trauma to the soft tissues and bone.

☑︎ Better Ergonomics: When dental instruments are
sharp, procedures can be performed with less force and
strain on your hands and wrists.

Before and After


What Locations Do We Serve?


Within driving distance from: 

*Long Beach, NY

*Tempe, AZ

*Scottsdale, AZ

*Tucson, AZ


United States but other countries are welcomed too!

Our Sharpening Team

Precision Instrument Sharpening
Precision Instrument Sharpening

Client Reviews

"​Jennifer is a magician!"

Precision Instrument Sharpening


Gilbert Veterinary Hospital 

“Highly recommend!!  We had some lost cause instruments... so we thought!!  

Jennifer is a magician!!  Now they look brand new and we don’t need to buy more!”

"Extractions are so much faster!"

Precision Instrument Sharpening


Animal Clinic of Windermere 

“Thank you for sharpening our instruments!
Extractions are now so much faster and take much less effort, causing less tissue damage and reducing both anesthesia and recovery time!”

"Our dental times have been cut in half!"

Precision Instrument Sharpening


 Desert Ark Veterinary Center

"We just had Jennifer in a couple of weeks ago to sharpen our tools and I swear our dental times have been cut in half now that we have nice sharp instruments!  Worth every penny!!!"

"There was a noticeable difference!"

Precision Instrument Sharpening


Catnip & Carrots Veterinary Hospital  

"Thank you so much!  
They arrived just in time today and there was a noticeable difference when using them!"

In-Clinic & Online
Dentistry CE


Improving Dentistry Through Education

Veterinary Dentistry Training offers a wide variety of lectures and labs that will help receptionists, technicians, and veterinarians become proficient in dentistry.  

Classes are RACE-approved for CE credits and are offered in the convenience of your own clinic or online.

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