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Sharp instruments save time, money, frustration, and fatigue!

Trust Precision Instrument Sharpening with your tools!

This is why... 


Our sharpening artists are all certified veterinary technicians (CVT) with over 30 years of veterinary experience each! We have worked together at a busy dental specialty clinic with 5 board-certified dentists.  We combine our artistic skills and veterinary knowledge to bring your instruments back to life!

Professional Machine:  

Your very dull or damaged instruments require professional sharpening equipment and an expert hand.  It is impossible to reshape many instruments by using hand stones.  We use a powerful honing machine with various discs and ceramic bars to create the perfect edge.


I know it's hard to be without your instruments for a long time!  

That's why we offer:

Super fast turnaround time for mail-in services and

We also offer FREE loaner instruments too!  

I-Clinic sharpening can be done in the convenience of your clinic.  

Satisfaction Guarantee: 

We take pride in our work and value your business. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the sharpening services we have provided, we will do whatever it takes to make it right!


Our Sharpening Team


Owner, CVT

Jennifer Hertzoff

Serving mail-in service

In-clinic service within 50 miles 

Long Beach, NY & Tempe, AZ

​Jennifer has worked in the veterinary field since 1982 and has always had a special interest in dentistry.

Jennifer gained most of her dentistry knowledge while working at Arizona Veterinary Dental Specialists for over 17 years. 

She combines her years of experience with a professional honing machine to bring your dull instruments back to life again. 

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